About AMS
AMS is an online Appointment Management System. It is one step solution for managing all appointments of a doctor. You can be a individual doctor visiting single clinic or multiple clinic and use this system to manage all your appointments. AMS can also be used by a owner of a clinic or a hospital to manage appointments of all the doctors visiting his clinic. The system allows to create multiple assistants for each clinic thus no more sharing of password or personal details.

AMS is a secured system hosted at Rackspace, which is one of the world’s best known and secured cloud server providers. AMS is also tightly integrated with SMS gateway which gives an upper-edge to the member doctors to remind his patients just before the scheduled appointment time.

The above video tour will give you a quick view of how the software is, it covers usage of the software on PC, Mobile and Web. You are always invited to visit the demo page to try it yourself.

Features of AMS

1. Centralized Appointment Management, host on secured server and works seamlessly across all platforms.
2. Secured at Rackspace server, one of the world's best known cloud platform.
3. No capital or installation investment.
4. Free to Try and Pay as you grow
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1. Single point to manage all appointments and patient records.
2. No more papers or appointment books to manage, no dependency on assistants.
3. Zero time to go live and 99.9% uptime.
4. For doctors manage all patient appointments of all clinics through single click.
5. For clinic owners, track appointments of all doctors visiting your clinic/hospital.
6. Free SMS alerts to patients for reminders, thank you greetings and other alerts.
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